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People Analytics

People Analytics uses data and analytic tools to make better decisions about how we manage people

Case Study - Healthcare Company

Churn Rate



Value Added





Value Added



320 %

in 2 years

HR Processes

Staff Planning

How many people will we need for the next 2 or 5 years?
How many employees will quit or retire during that period?
How much money will that cost?
What segments will we need?

  + People Analytics: Analysis of causes - Insights of necessary measures


Is it possible to automate tasks?

Can I optimize searches?

+PA: Profile Analysis - CV Scoring

Work Environment

What are the key factors of employee engagement?

What is e-NPS in my company?

How does employee engagement affect productivity and financial results?

What can we do to improve the work environment?

+PA: Segmentation by clustering - Performance Surveys - Employee Net Promoter Score

Talent Development

Where should we invest to develop my teams?

What are the needs of my teams?

How can I help my employees develop their careers?

+PA: Profile Analysis - Performance Surveys - Churn Rate improvement

Loyalty and Attrition

Is any employee thinking about leaving?

What are the attrition causes?

What impact does attrition have?

What action is more effective to stop attrition?

+PA: Analysis of causes - Insights of necessary measures

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