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People Analytics

People Analytics leverages data and advanced analytical tools to inform and improve decision-making in the realm of human resource management.

Case Study - Healthcare Company

Churn Rate



Value Added





Value Added



320 %

in 2 years

HR Processes

Staff Planning

Forecasting Future Workforce Needs:

  • Determining Staffing Requirements for the Next 2 or 5 Years

  • Projecting Employee Attrition Due to Resignations or Retirement

  • Estimating Associated Financial Implications

  • Identifying Targeted Employee Segments


Leverage People Analytics for In-Depth Analysis:

  • Investigate Root Causes

  • Gain Insights for Informed Decision-Making and Proactive Measures"


Exploring Automation Possibilities:

  • Assessing Task Automation Potential

  • Streamlining Search Processes

Leveraging People Analytics for Informed Decisions:

  • Profiling Analysis

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) Scoring

Work Environment

Unlocking Employee Engagement Insights:

  • Identifying Key Factors for Employee Engagement

  • Understanding e-NPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) in Our Organization

  • Analyzing the Impact of Employee Engagement on Productivity and Financial Outcomes

  • Exploring Strategies to Enhance the Work Environment


Harnessing People Analytics for Deeper Insights:

  • Employee Segmentation through Clustering

  • Conducting Performance Surveys

  • Measuring Employee Net Promoter Score (e-NPS)

Talent Development

Strategizing Team Development Investments:

  • Identifying Optimal Areas for Team Development Investment

  • Assessing Team Needs and Requirements

  • Fostering Employee Career Development Opportunities


Leveraging People Analytics for Informed Strategies:

  • Conducting Comprehensive Profile Analysis

  • Gathering Insights through Performance Surveys

  • Enhancing Employee Retention by Addressing Churn Rate

Loyalty and Attrition

Monitoring Employee Retention:

  • Identifying Potential Attrition Risks

  • Analyzing the Root Causes of Attrition

  • Evaluating the Impact of Attrition on the Organization

  • Implementing Effective Strategies to Mitigate Attrition


Leveraging People Analytics for Informed Decisions:

  • Conducting In-Depth Cause Analysis

  • Deriving Insights for Strategic Measures

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