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Next Product to Buy

Actualizado: 2 nov 2022

Apply AI/ML models to estimate the propensity of your customers to purchase any of your products or services.

With this, you can optimize your marketing campaigns, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

We may apply two approaches considering Customer behavior or the sequence of product purchase history.

  • Acquisition Pattern Analysis: By examining the customers’ behavior. Detecting opportunities based on what each customer purchases, or group of customers, in their history.

  • Collaborative Filtering: Based on the sequence of product purchase history. Detecting opportunities and pattern-based on what product is purchased.


-Using data on clients’ behavior, purchase history, commercial actions, and demographic aspects, we can gain perspective on how they relate to the products available and how they are likely to behave.

-The result will help to reduce the number of customers to contact in commercial/marketing campaigns.

30 % of saving time and costs on marketing actions

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